A bit about our team…

Tamaqua Area Community Partnership

Micah J. Gursky, Executive Director
Ann Meckes, Administrator


Lee Shafer, Chair | Maureen Donovan, Vice-chair | Ken Dunkelberger, Treasurer | Judy Hoppes, Secretary


Term expires 12/31/19
Jack Kulp | Raymond Kinder | Brock Stein | George Taylor | Ben Turrano

Term expires 12/31/20
Maureen Donovan | Ken Dunkelberger | Judy Hoppes | Lee Shafer | Christine Verdier

Term expires 12/31/21
Kevin Duffy-Guy | Tony Odorizzi | Mike Prock | Ed Redding | Lisa Scheller



To promote cooperation and community revitalization in the areas of recreation, downtown revitalization, historical preservation, tourist development, economic development, housing and neighborhood improvement, and arts and culture.