Restoration and Renovation

An old boot factory on Hazle Street became an attractive, fully-up-to-date dwelling for 14 individual households.

State Sen. Dave Argall and (former) TACP Chairperson Pat Freeh-Stefanek provide details on re-purposing an old building.

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Historic Preservation

Hegarty Blacksmith Shop

Dale Freudenberger, president of the Tamaqua Historical Society, shares a compelling account of the activities of the Hegarty family, a three-generation family of blacksmiths active from 1848 to 1973

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Adding Civic Improvements

The Depot Square Park was created to compliment the renovated Victorian-era train station in the heart of downtown.

The water fountain in the park is now a centerpiece and a welcome place for Tamaqua residents and visitors to sit back and relax.

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TACP 20th Anniversary

Community residents filled Performing Arts Hall to take part in the 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting of the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership.

TACP Chairman, Lee Shafer, called the meeting to order.

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When we launched our Tamaqua Choose Happiness effort in 2019, we committed to the following.

To be a town where people care if you are happy
To create the opportunity for Tamaquans to be connected to the community by participating in the Framework for Happiness
We acknowledge that EVERY Tamaquan
has innate value and dignity
• We embrace a sense of family
• We are good neighbors
• We have heart


“The Tamaqua Area Community Partnership is a non-profit charitable organization that was expressly created to improve the quality of life in the Tamaqua Area; and to do so by being a conduit and a catalyst and a place for ideas and energy to go to accomplish improvements that will make a real difference in the lives of people who live here.” — Micah Gursky, TACP Executive Director