Entertainers – The Next Generation

Munoz Brothers – Two-thirds of “Malibu”

In 2012  we were able to meet “Malibu” – then the next generation of Tamaqua-based entertainers.

As reported at the time, Malibu, comprising musicians Shane Mulligan, 17; Damian Munoz, 16; and Ivan Munoz, 17; was making frequent appearances at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. In this vignette, guitarists Damian and Ivan shared a little bit about the background of the band. About the Arts Center Damian said, “It’s just a great place to go.”

A Safety Initiative

Linda Yulanavage


Linda Yulanavage and Kathy Kunkel discuss the reason behind the initiative involving traffic safety, street lighting, and property maintenance in the center of town.

Crime Watch: Grafitti

Andy LiebenguthAndy Leibenguth, founder of TamaquaArea.com and often described as Tamaqua’s Best Friend, discusses the impact of his Crime Watch activity on the quality of life in the community with a particular emphasis on eliminating graffiti.

How ‘Fit Day’ Got Started

Ivan Munoz

Ivan Munoz

Jacob Gursky

Jacob Gursky

In 2012, student volunteers Ivan Munoz and Jacob Gursky revealed the origin of ‘Fit Day’ and told us about the people involved and the activities enjoyed by Tamaqua Area School District students on that occasion.

Museum Renovation Project

The building that houses the museum of the Tamaqua Historical Society on West Broad Street is about to undergo a dramatic facelift. In this video vignette Historical Society President Dale Freudenberger discusses this exciting renovation project.

Coordination of Arts Center Activities

Leona Rega discusses how she focuses on supporting the energies of scores of hard-working volunteers in order to coordinate the varied activities and events that take place at the Community Arts Center in Tamaqua.

Kathleen Quinn-Farber: The Crafter

Kathleen Quinn-Farber discusses her lifelong love for crafts and her desire to share her talent with children. In this vignette she shares her passion for creating things,  “I’ve had a dream all my life to work with kids with crafts or arts.”

Kathy Rimm: The Entertainer

Kathy Rimm discusses the history of her involvement with the Community Arts Center as an entertainer in her own right and also a teacher of guitar.  She notes, “With this arts center people don’t have to go out of the area to either perform or just simply create any type of art whatsoever.”

Works of Faith

George Taylor, founder of the Tamaqua Area Faith Fellowship Network, talks about the activities of the outreach. He is joined in this discussion by Pastors James Cavallero and Kevin Roberts who share their views of the goals and achievements of these “works of faith.”

George Taylor 

Rev. James Cavallero

Rev. Kevin Roberts

Community Arts Center Genesis

Jack Kulp, well-known area musician and entertainer,  discusses some of the first steps taken to create and organize the Community Arts Center.