Tamaqua Community Arts Center

The former church building at 125 Pine Street in Tamaqua is becoming an increasingly popular venue for local entertainment and a busy center for creative community activities.

The Community Arts Center calendar of activities has moved. To view the calendar, go to the new Tamaqua Arts website.

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18 Responses to “Tamaqua Community Arts Center”

  1. Jasmine says:

    Super interested in any of the adult pottery classes, not sure exactly where to find information, or how much they are??

  2. Tonya says:

    How much does the paint and sip class cost?

  3. Jennifer Kromer says:

    I’m interested in the Paint and Sip class for the Eiffel Tower. My mother was just at a class last week and said it’s booked for the next 2 months for that specific class. Can you tell me if the schedule has been made for June or July for the Eiffel Tower painting? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer

    • Leona Rega says:

      Hi Jennifer. Our June & July schedule has not yet been confirmed. Keep checking the schedule & our FB page. Most classes are held Tues. & Wed. nights. I try to offer 1 Friday in a month. The classes have been most popular!

  4. Zane Bachert says:

    The Tamaqua Community Theatre is looking for local writers to supply short stories that can be “Short Plays” to be performed in our Short Play Festival. 10 to 20 minutes. Any genre. Preferably smaller casts. You can submit more than one. If your story is used your compensation will be one free ticket to your show, an additional ticket to one other show during the festival, a video of the show, and an opportunity to see your work staged by us.
    If interested, please email scripts to:
    Deadline is April 30.
    — Zane Bachert, Theatre Director

  5. MariLynn says:

    Any thoughts or plans of a bus trip to see this exhibit?
    Please let me know. Thank You
    Winterthur near Philadelphia will be displaying the Costumes of
    Downton Abbey from March 1, 2014–January 4, 2015
    See website for details

    Costumes of Downton Abbey is an original exhibition of exquisite designs from the award-winning television series. Forty historically inspired costumes from the television show will be displayed and supplemented by photographs and vignettes inspired by the fictional program and by real life at Winterthur.

    Visitors will have a chance to step into and experience the world of Downton Abbey® and the contrasting world of Winterthur founder Henry Francis du Pont and his contemporaries in the first half of the 20th century.

    • Leona Rega says:

      Unfortunately at this time we are not running bus trips. We are in need of a volunteer who has the time to organize trips to various locations (art museum, NY city shows, & other locations). This is an excellent idea. Anyone interested in helping to organize trips can contact Leona Rega @ 570-668-1192 or Leona@tacp.info

  6. sharon chapman says:

    I recently read you are going to have a paint & sip affair in January. I lost the dates, can you give more information, please.

  7. Susan Featro says:

    Holiday Benefit Concert on Sunday, December 15 at 2:30 pm. Tickets will be $5 in advance and $6 at the door, with 50% of the money going to the Tamaqua Community Arts Center and 50% of the money going to the Tamaqua Blue Raider Foundation.

  8. Leona M. Rega says:

    The Tamaqua Community Art Center is currently looking for someone who would like to offer a Jewlery making class (many supplies have been donated). If interested in teaching, please call Leona 570-668-1192.

    In addition we are currently booking our Fall and Winter Concerts! If you are a band just starting out or an established group looking for a venue, we are it. Call Jack 570-668-1192

    • Diane M Gooding says:

      Are you still looking for someone to offer a jewelry-making class?

  9. Arts Center says:

    Be sure to check the Arts Center Calendar regularly. New events are being posted all the time.

  10. Billie Jean Williams says:

    I am writing to find out if there will be classes for wire wrapping? I am very interested in taking any class that is offered. thank you

    • Leona M. Rega says:

      Billy Jean – we are currently working on our spring and summer workshops and classes. Once I hav a commitment from the instructor, I will be sure to post the informaiton. Please provide an e-mail or phone number where you may be reached to my inbox leona@tacp.info

  11. Michael Rimm says:

    Hi….I’m writing to inquire if there is a need or desire in the Tamaqua area for a “Writer’s Group” or a “Writer’s Workshop” I see that there is a “young” writer’s group, but I’m trying to see if there are more adults who would participat in an ongoing workshop group. I would host or co-host if there is someone else out there who might be interested in sitting down and discussing such a project. I’ve been involved in other writing groups before, so I do have some experience.
    Typically, the group gets together, discusses what everyone is interested in when it comes to writing. A topic is settled upon and we are all “assigned” a writing project which we will complete and share with the group on the following meeting…..usually every two weeks.
    The “sharing” aspect is to help people feel more comfortable discussing their work in a constructive and positive environment. At the end of a “session”, which may be 6-8 weeks, each person could pick two or three of their favorite pieces of writing and we could compile a “book” of sorts that everyone could take home with them.
    I myself, do not have a “website”, but my email address is available and anyone interested, please feel free to let me know your ideas.
    My address is as follows: mikerimm@gmail.com

    • Leona M. Rega says:

      Michael – currently the Art Center does not have an adult writer’s group. The Black Diamond Writers Network will be hosting a workshop at the Art Center on Feb. 19th 6:30-7:30pm called “Writing for Pleasure or Profit.”

      If you would like to discuss your thoughts and ideas further, please feel free to e-mail me @ leona@tacp.info and we can schedule a time to meet.

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