Re-new, Re-purpose, Re-use: Daniel Shepp House

View this webisode to learn a bit about 19th century industrialist and entrepreneur Daniel Shepp and the house he built in Tamaqua.

In use since 1888, the  Shepp house been restored to its former glory with a little bit of help from the Tamaqua Area Community Partnership.


Shepp House before rehab

It is now owned and occupied as a law office by a prominent local attorney.

3 Responses to “Re-new, Re-purpose, Re-use: Daniel Shepp House”

  1. Kimberley East says:

    This is quite inspirational! It might be helpful if dates were put to these film clips so that we can track the progress from the time of conception to the time of ribbon cutting ceremonies and beyond? Will there be updates added as these projects come into fruition? Also, might I suggest that you provide information for where people can donate their services and funding to help these renovations to happen? As an artist I am very interested in this project, and would like to perhaps be a part of it as well.

    • TACPadmin says:

      Projects similar to the one showcased in this video may be launched by the Tamaqua Historical Society. The society is located at 114 West Broad Street in Tamaqua.
      You are invited to contact the society at 570-668-5722 for information about on-going projects and volunteer opportunities.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a fantastic piece that shows people all the wonderful things that are happening in Tamaqua!